This kit for polishing metal surfaces allows you to obtain a shiny surface without performing a complete machining of the piece.

Surfaces chemically treated through galvanic gilding,
aluminum anodizing or painting are not suitable for polishing,
as these treatments will be removed and eliminated.


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Kit for polishing metal surfaces

The feature that distinguishes this kit for polishing metal surfaces is the possibility of eliminating small lines and imperfections in case you do not want to perform a complete polishing of the surface with abrasive papers and various polishing steps.
The steps that this kit allows you to perform are:

  2. GLOSS

Together with the 2 pastes we provide a cloth that must be used at the end of each step, As for the discs to be used, they must be purchased separately, you can find all the disc lines in this link: Disc types
We provide two different disc sizes:

  1. 150mm
  2. 100mm
Weight360 g
Dimensions220 × 160 × 50 mm

Apply the abrasive paste on the fabric support indicated, each paste is indicated with a specific disc in cotton, natural cotton or flannel cotton. Before starting polishing make sure you have properly tightened the cloth disc on the spindle of the drill or bench polisher. Always wear protective gloves and goggles. We recommend using the same disc with the same paste in order not to contaminate it. Knead the disc moderately, in order to always keep it moist but without exceeding to avoid leaving too many residues on the surface itself. Moderate the speed of the drill or cutting polisher.


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