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Our experience accumulated in over 60 years of work has allowed us to develop innovative products with high quality standards.
ATL is therefore not only a point of reference but also an added value.

With more than 60 years of experience in the production of abrasive pastes for polishing, ATL confirms itself as one of the reference points for product quality.

Today, as then, we are interested in investing in a more eco-sustainable future.
From here born the E-commerce project, with products designed to reduce the environmental impact.

Our goal is to bring our quality to enthusiasts and hobbyists, to introduce as many people as possible to the world of restoration and polishing.


1953 - The first steps

In the footsteps of the P.A.S. C.I.S.E. is established Italian Chemistry S.E. Small laboratory specialized in the production of solid abrasive pastes for cleaning and polishing of metals.

1999 - The new factory

After more than 40 years of activity rooted in Lumezzane, for production and logistic needs, ATL moves its headquarters to the new production plant in Montichiari (BS).


2022 - The birth of e-commerce

In 2022 we decide to land with a real path in online marketing, thus starting to develop our social media and our e-commerce.

What we do ...


Liquid cream

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Car & Motorcycles

Miglia Line

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Phone & smartwatch


Solid paste

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Nautical & Camper

Ankhor Line

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Plastic & Plexiglass


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