Choose the professionalism of 70 years of history

ATL Abrasives’ abrasive pastes, affordable for everyone.
We have created a line of professional abrasive pastes, but with formats suitable for everyday life.


Our experience accumulated over more than 60 years has enabled us to develop products that have become established in the surface polishing market over the years.
By working with industry experts in all areas of polishing, we have had the opportunity to create a Know-How that has allowed us to develop an even deeper understanding of the demands of our market.Working in this way, we always try to stay up-to-date on everything in our industry so that we can meet the needs of all our customers and future customers.

ATL thus is not just the simple company that provides polishing products, but becomes a reference point to which you can lean on in order to make the quality of your product stand out more.

That’s why we created the online shop

ATL Abrasives has so far remained focused on the company’s core market: polishing using automated machinery, a market therefore populated by large businesses and with large workloads.

This allowed us to realize that our quality could also be brought inside small businesses or simply inside your homes.
Hence the idea of the shop, we decided to develop our product lines in smaller formats accessible to all kinds of polishers.

The advantage of buying from our shop lies in the speed of order fulfillment, having a warehouse in which to store the goods, allows us in the event of a new order to have all the requested products available, in this way your order will be shipped more quickly.

The ‘opening of an e-commerce was not only a market choice but also an investment toward what is our mission: Investing in a more eco-sustainable future.
For years, all of our lines have been developed with reduced environmental impact solutions, this allows us to bring our products inside your homes while limiting the risk of pollution as much as possible.

How our abrasive pastes turn old into new

Polishing surfaces is not an obvious process, and sometimes we don’t realize that with little, an object we use can become as good as new again!

Any object, over time, can be affected by wear and tear, air pollution, or accidental damage. But all is not lost. Our abrasive pastes emerge as “restoration wizards,” bringing new life to old and damaged objects. Let’s see how these miraculous formulations can transform the old into the new.

Removal of Polluted Layers. The first crucial step in the restoration of a worn object is the removal of the polluted layers. Abrasive pastes act as gentle “sweepers,” removing deposits of dirt, dust and oxidation that may have compromised the object’s original appearance.

Beveling and Leveling: Often, ruined objects have damaged edges or uneven surfaces. Our abrasive pastes play an essential role in the beveling and leveling process, creating a uniform surface and restoring the original shape of the object.

Removal of Scratches and Marks. Scratches and signs of wear can distract from the overall appearance of the object. With the targeted abrasive action of our pastes, these imperfections can be eliminated or significantly reduced, restoring the smooth, flawless appearance.

Polishing for Brilliance. Once the damaged layers have been removed and the surface has been prepared, the abrasive pastes go into action to polish. This process gives a renewed luster to the object, restoring its former shine and making it shine like new.

Adaptability to Various Materials. Our abrasive pastes do not discriminate. Whether metal, plastic, aluminum, or chrome surfaces, these formulations are designed to adapt to a variety of materials. Their versatility makes them indispensable tools for the restoration of a wide range of objects.

Eco-Friendly Restoration. An important aspect of ATL abrasive pastes is their compatibility with the environment. Many of these formulations are designed with an eye toward sustainability, ensuring that the restoration does not leave a negative impact on the surrounding ecosystem.

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