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Our experience accumulated in more than 60 years of activity has allowed us to develop products
which over the years have established themselves in the surface polishing market.
By collaborating with industry experts in all areas of polishing we had the opportunity
to create a Know-How that has allowed us to develop an even more in-depth knowledge of the requests of our market,
working in this way, we always try to stay updated on everything related to our sector
in such a way that we can satisfy the needs of all our customers and those of the future.

Thus ATL is not just the simple company that supplies polishing products, but becomes a point of reference
to lean on in order to make the quality of your product stand out more.

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2022 - The birth of e-commerce

Until now ATL Abrasivi has remained concentrated on the company’s main market: polishing using automated machinery, a market therefore populated by large businesses and with heavy workloads.

This allowed us to understand that our quality could also be brought into small businesses or simply into your homes.span,
This is where the idea of the shop came from, we decided to develop our lines of products in smaller formats and accessible to all types of polishers.

The advantage of buying from our shop lies in the speed of order fulfillment, having a warehouse in which to store the goods, allows us in the event of a new order to have all the requested products available, in this way your order will be shipped more quickly.

The opening of an e-commerce was not only a market choice but also an investment towards our mission: Investing in a more eco-sustainable future.
For years all our lines have been developed with solutions with reduced environmental impact, this allows us to bring our products inside your homes, limiting the risk of pollution as much as possible.

Surface polishing is not an obvious manufacturing process and sometimes we don’t realize that with little, an object we use can become like new again!
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Over the years we have become accustomed to change, a situation that very often happens too quickly almost without realizing it, for example the October 14, 2022 in occasion of E-West Day it has been estimated that of the 16 million smartphones produced 5.6 milion of those, will be put on the back burner or even thrown in the undifferentiated.
The road to a circular economy is still long, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try to reduce the weight of this situation.

In this case, ATL tries to put a stop to this situation by offering you the possibility not to look for something new but to try to give new life to what you already have, we are not just talking about cell phones or electronic equipment but any object that can be used, and this is how the art of restoration can return.

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