We care about our planet

Don’t throw away ruined items, revive them with our abrasive pastes! By repairing instead of throwing away, we save valuable resources and help preserve our beloved planet. Together, we can make a difference!


Over the years we have become accustomed to change, a situation that very often happens too quickly almost without realizing it, for example the October 14, 2022 in occasion of E-West Day it has been estimated that of the 16 million smartphones produced, 5.6 milion Will be put into oblivion or even thrown in the trash.
The road to a circular economy is still long, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try to reduce the weight of this situation.

In this case, ATL tries to put a stop to this situation by offering you the possibility not to look for something new but to try to give new life to what you already have, we are not just talking about cell phones or electronic equipment but any object that can be used, and this is how the art of restoration can return.

Waxee, the revolution to protect your objects

Waxee surface protection wax is an innovative solution in the field of surface protection. It was specially developed to suit the specific needs of chrome surfaces, plastics, precious metals and aluminum. Its versatile formula offers tailored protection for each material, preserving their integrity and keeping them safe from weathering and external damage.

Due to its polishing properties, Waxee wax not only protects surfaces but also improves their appearance. Surfaces treated with this wax benefit from a revitalized luster, restoring their original elegance and shine.

Eco Polish abrasive paste line

The restoration world has seen an increasing focus on sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. In this context, RINO abrasive paste stands out as a cutting-edge product that not only restores life to worn surfaces, but does so in an eco-friendly way. An innovative option for those who want effective restoration without compromising the environment.

RINO abrasive paste is formulated with an explicit commitment to environmental sustainability. Its composition contains no environmentally harmful substances, ensuring that the restoration process does not leave a negative impact on nature. This eco-friendly choice not only meets the growing needs of conscious consumers, but also represents a significant step toward a more sustainable restoration industry.

Choosing RINO means embracing a responsible approach to restoration, helping to preserve the beauty of surfaces without compromising our precious planet.

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