Our Gelcoat Polishing Compound is the perfect product for the first step of polishing on fiberglass and gelcoat boats.
This special formula works quickly to eliminate any sanding marks, imperfections, lines or bumps from the surface.


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Abrasive paste for Gelcoat Polishing

Ankhor 500 offers high abrasive power to ensure exceptional results, whether you prefer to use a lambskin hood or a polishing sponge.
This product is designed to be used as a first polishing step, effortlessly eliminating unwanted marks such as bumps, lines or defects.strong,
The effectiveness of this abrasive paste will allow you to restore the surface to its original state of shine.
Don’t let marks and flaws ruin the look of your boat! Choose our Gelcoat Polishing Compound and enjoy a flawless surface

Weight2000 g

Plastic packaging, HDPE 2, Plastic collection
Aluminum cap, ALU 41, Glass Collection


Usually shipped within 2/3 days.

Product weight

2 Litres, 250 g


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