Miglia 500 is a carpolish for deep scretch removal.
With its formulation and with the type of abrasives present in this product, you will be able to perform a first polishing step in the event that the bodywork has a surface with deep scratches that you would not be able to remove with a lighter paste.

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Carpolish for deep scretch removal

Miglia 500 is a Carpolish for deep scretch removal, its formulation allows it to be used as a product for the first polishing step in the case of deep scratches on the surface to be worked on, its formulation allows to give a first level of brilliance to the bodywork .
The product is free from ammonia and silicone and has a low VOC content, it is recommended to use it with a medium hard pad and on a manual polisher, furthermore, once the polishing process is completed it is advisable that the excess abrasive paste is removed immediately using a cotton cloth such as: Fluffy.

Weight250 g
Dimensions6 mm

Aluminum bottle, ALU 41, Glass Collection


Aluminum bottle, ALU 41, Glass Collection


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Miglia 500 - Deep scretch removalMIGLIA – 500 | DEEP SCRETCH REMOVAL