Miglia 2500 is a carpolish for bodywork finishing designed to give a high quality finish to car bodies.
This product is able to give a super gloss effect, giving depth of color and a surprising shine to the treated surface.

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carpolish for bodywork finishing

Miglia Carpolish 2500 allows you to obtain an extremely bright finish on your bodywork, characterized by a surprising depth of color and
the total absence of micro-lines, marks and imperfections, after the application of this product, even the greasiness will be eliminated, leaving the surface clean and flawless.
It is free from ammonia and silicone, offering a safe and high quality solution for the care of your car, moreover, it has a low VOC content, ensuring a reduced impact on the environment.
We recommend using the product with a soft finishing pad and once the polishing step has been completed, remove the residual paste with a cotton cloth.


Weight250 g

Aluminum bottle, ALU 41, Glass Collection


Usually shipped within 2/3 days.


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