Abrasive paste for professional use, specific for the CLEANING of surfaces with a BLUE cotton primed DISC.
Use the product on any metal surface not chemically treated.

Surfaces chemically treated through galvanic gilding,
aluminum anodizing or painting are not suitable for polishing,
as these treatments will be removed and eliminated.


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Abrasive paste for the restoration of metal surfaces
Using the abrasive paste KESSLER with appretted cotton DISCS of color BLUE, it will be possible to remove:

  • LINES resulting from minor bumps and scratches
  • OXIDATIONS due to high temperatures or exposure to atmospheric events.

It is recommended as the first CLEANING step even after using abrasive papers, P-400 / P-600.
Thanks to its abrasive power and the selected granulometry of the abrasive grains used for this formulation, KESSLER is able to restore homogeneity to the surfaces, leaving the surface clean and ready for the next polishing step.


Use the product with a cleaning DISC in cotton with a BLUE color.

  1. Install the cleaning disc on the drill head or bench polisher.
  2. Apply the abrasive paste on the rotating cleaning disc, making sure to mix it gradually, without overdoing it.
  3. Polish the affected surface, retouching it according to your needs.

Type of surfaces on which the paste can be used:
Aluminum – Brass – Steel – Stainless steel – Non-ferrous metals

Weight166 g
Dimensions38 × 93 mm

Usually shipped within 2/3 days.


Cardboard cylinder, PAP 21, Paper collection


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