META is the perfect screen polishing cream to eliminate lines, imperfections and dullness from the surfaces of mobile phones and smartwatches.
With its gentle action, it restores an uncompromising shine, eliminating any type of flaw in sight.


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Abrasive paste for screen polishing

METAi s a cream composed of an extremely soft abrasive that offers a delicate alternative for restoring the shine of surfaces.
This product has been specially formulated to be non-aggressive, guaranteeing exceptional results without damaging the screens of your mobile phones or smartwatches
To apply Meta, just use a simple cotton cloth and rub a small amount of cream on the surfaces to be restored, the cream will work delicately, bringing back the original brightness.
To complete the process, go over the surface with a clean cloth, such as the Fluffy Cloth, to remove any residue and admire a shiny, flawless surface.

Weight250 g

Aluminum jar, ALU 41, Glass Collection


Usually shipped within 2/3 days.


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