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General product information

How do abrasive pastes work?
What is the difference between Polish and Wax?
How do abrasive pastes work?

There are several aspects to consider in the use of abrasive pastes, however we can focus on the two main aspects which are: the level of cut and the level of polish.strong, ,

These two elements are used to distinguish which type of paste can do for us, if the cutting level of the paste is greater then we will have a paste that will work on the scratches, but not on the gloss, the opposite instead for a paste with a level of lucid major.
The value marked on the labels of our products indicates the level of gloss left by the paste.

What is the difference between Polish and Wax?

The difference initially lies in the shape, a polish is very liquid and tends to obscure the defect of the surface, releasing a level of gloss on it that disappears after a while.
A wax, on the other hand, acts more as a protector, it creates a layer on the surface that gives it color depth, shine, and protection from external agents.

How to place an order

Add products to cart
Complete your order
Add products to cart

Inside the catalog there will be an “Add to cart” button, in this way every time you press the button a product is added to your cart.
If you want to manage the quantity of products, you can access the single product sheet by clicking on the image.
In this way it will be possible to decide the quantity of product to add to the cart.

Complete your order

Once the products have been added to the cart, just press on “Proceed with the purchase”, you will be directed to the checkout page, here you just need to enter all the requested information and press on “Complete order”.
Now you just have to wait for your package!


Terms of payment
Terms of payment

We provide most of the payment methods, all payments will be processed through banks, this allows us to have secure payments and maintain excellent traceability of payments.

Shipping and Order Tracking

Couriers and Timing
Order tracking
Couriers and Timing

Thanks to the collaboration with DHL we offer our customers an excellent experience in shipping the goods.
As regards the timing of the shipment of the goods, we ensure a time of 2/3 days from the collection of the package.

Order tracking

Order tracking is a factor that is very close to our hearts.
With the service offered by our couriers this is fortunately not a problem.
Once the order has been confirmed, you will be sent an email from which you can keep track of the position of your goods.

Returns and Refunds


To provide our users with a smooth and seamless experience, our returns method is simple and intuitive.
We accept returns only if the goods are delivered with defects or if the goods delivered are not the ones requested.
The return time that we provide is 14 days, if no request is made within this time, we will no longer accept the return of the package.
For more information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions page –> Click here


As for refunds, as for returns, refunds are accepted only if the refund request is made within 14 days of the goods being delivered.
The refund is issued only if the return of the package is requested.
For more information on the topic of refunds, please check our Terms and Conditions page –> Click here

Additional product questions
of ATL Abrasivi

How do I find the product that best suits my needs?

We have a huge range of products and this can cause confusion.
Precisely for this reason we have decided to assign categories to different products.
This could help you find the product that best suits your needs.
If necessary, you can contact us via live chat or via email.

Can your products also be used by hand?

Of course yes, our products are designed to be used by amateurs who do not have the ability to polish with a manual polisher.

Do I have to be a professional to use your products?

Absolutely not!
Of course our products are designed for professionals, but this is only to maintain high quality.
However, the use of our products is adaptable to any experience.

What is the difference between solid pastes and liquid pastes?

The difference is essentially in the use of the two.
While solid pastes must be used with a polisher, liquid pastes can also be used with a cloth.

Where can I ask for help?

As you can see at the bottom left of your screen there is live chat, in this way you can have direct contact with one of our operators, you can also send a message via email using the contact form.

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